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Laura M.


I never write reviews, but had to after visiting my outstanding aesthetician, Erika. she deserves a 10 star rating, rather than a 5. She is THAT wonderful!!!


Elizabeth G.


I fell in love with the space as soon as I walked in the door. It’s absolutely beautiful, pristine, open and peaceful. I felt an immediate sense of relaxation as soon as I stepped inside. And I cannot say enough about Erika...her professionalism, skill, knowledge and the cherry on top...her sweet and very caring way! She far exceeded anything I hoped for. She has now become “my person”; absolutely INCREDIBLE! With Erika, I’m ready to give the ageing process the best fight I can. I want to feel good about myself no matter my age and I know I have found the place and the person to help me do just that !So excited! I have had many facials and the experience but this one has been the best! Erika is an extremely skilled and knowledgeable aesthetician. The facility is extremely clean and inviting. The price is very fair and reasonable, especially given the quality of service. They also carry excellent skin care products. I have already booked my next appointment and look forward to returning!!! Highly recommend!!!!



Erin L.


Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality

Erika is my ONLY go-to for facials, microneedling, and anything else related to amazing skincare! I've been a customer for over a year now and Erika is my all time favorite :) she really brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and makes me feel so comfortable. Its hard to find an esthetician who you can trust and who truly does wonders for your skin. I've found that here and more! The hydra-facial is a service I've indulged in on more than one occasion and will continue to incorporate into my skincare journey. I've sent multiple friends to NYFP and all are pleased with the results! Erika has made my skin look glow-y, feel smooth, with an overall healthy complexion - I can't wait to come back for more!



Carissa-A. S.


Erika is my earth angel! I've never felt so at home + comfortable at any salon/spa/beauty place. EVER! I feel incredibly lucky to have found this place! Erika literally changed my life. I had severe adult acne at 32 (and a ton of allergies to products that made it impossible to fix) and I felt so hopeless. I felt my personality changing, I didn't want to leave my house, I was in so much pain and refused to use any conventional treatment or pharmaceuticals. Erika, was so kind, I didn't feel embarrassed with her or judged the way I did at other places, she worked with me to find products that were amazing for me and not only has she made my acne disappear but my scarring too!!! I feel so much freedom not wanting to keep my head down and hide all of the time. I literally LOVE my skin and never thought I would say that. She’s so thoughtful, patient, talented and helped me heal something that other professionals could not. I highly recommend Erika!!!



Barrie D.


I LOVE this place!!! Erika has changed my skin from dull and saggy to tight and glowing. I am so beyond happy with all of the services I have gotten. I literally must get at least 1 person every day compliment me on how amazing my skin looks. I went through the entire 10 treatment series of microcurrent with stem cell facial, and it completely turned my skin around. I follow up once every 6 weeks, and it just gets better!! My skin looks young, fresh, and tight!! She also directed me to the best products for my skin. I also bring my 2 teenage daughters to see Erika for teen facials. She rid them of any blemishes or teenage acne, and their skin looks amazing!!! She also gave them a skin regimen to follow so they can have beautiful, moisturized, clear skin. I also highly recommend Erika for microblading. . My brows are exceptional!!!! I never need pencil anymore! I walk around with confidence bc of that. It makes a huge difference. Honestly, Erika knocked 10 years off of my face, and there was nothing invasive that I had done. I recommend giving her your time. It will be worth it!!!!



Krista I.


This place is absolutely amazing! Erika is so knowledgeable, skillful and caring, and she completely saved my skin. After struggling for months with terrible hormonal cystic acne and spending so much money and trying every product hopelessly, I walked into and had my first facial appointment with Erika. After seeing another esthetician at a different med-spa with no results, Erika assured me that we would be able to get my skin clear. She went out of her way to make me feel comfortable and explained exactly what she was doing to my skin and why. She crafted an entire regimen of at home skin care from the super effective high quality products that they offer and gave me her number for any questions or concerns I had with my skin or the products. Erika truly goes above and beyond for her clients! My skin began to improve almost immediately and was completely clear within a few weeks. Aside from just breakouts and congestion, the overall quality of my skin is more hydrated, even and smooth. People actually compliment my complexion now, which at first caught me off guard because I've never gotten that before. I have never had such good skin or confidence in my life, and every time I leave this place I walk out glowing. I highly recommend Erika to anyone and everyone, she completely changed my skin and I'm so thankful for the first day I walked in there!




Jessica W.-J.


About a month ago I started to notice that my fine lines & crows feet were not so fine anymore. Not knowing where to turn a friend recommended that I try this place. I live in Brooklyn so traveling to Long Island had me hesitate, but I am so glad that I got over myself and headed out there! The place is gorgeous and Erika makes you feel comfortable the moment you walk in the door. My esthetician Erika Waxman was so knowledgeable she knew exactly what my skin needed. Erika began by exfoliating my skin. I have never experienced such a complete exfoliation, she used a technique called Dermaplaning. It felt like layers and layers of dead skin came off, I swear my face felt like baby’s skin! Next Erika gave me the HydraFacial. This machine works miracles, I was pretty unaware of what exactly this machine did, but Erika took me through the whole process, it is an intense little “pen” for lack of a better word that exfoliates, hydrates, extracts and infuses your skin with antioxidants. Even though it is considered not to be a “relaxing” facial Erika had the lightest touch making the entire experience very relaxing. While the hydrafacil does it’s own extractions Erika went the extra mile by pausing the machine to do a few manual extractions. In the past when I have had extractions I have always broken out after, but Erika was so good that she totally and completely cleaned out every pore and left me with clear radiant skin! Erika was so wonderful, she walked me through exactly what wrinkle serums, face wash, moisturizers and exfoliators that would benefit my skin best in helping to keep it soft and plump. After all was said and done Erika had removed at least a few years off my face! I am so happy with the treatments Erika gave me and I am looking forward to continuing with her! I highly recommend handing yourself over to Erika’s skillful hands!

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